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Eclipse Festival 2016 – Sulawesi

The Eclipse Festival slated to take place on March 7 – 11 has revealed a huge and diverse line-up in celebration of the rare and spectacular total solar eclipse. With early bird tickets already a sold-out at The Eclipse Festival 2016, organiser is also prepping for one in a lifetime event happening only in a few locations in Sulawesi, Indonesia – the solar eclipse.



Eclipse Festival 2016 will be held on the 11th largest island in the world, Sulawesi, Indonesia. 
The production crew and partners behind this festival includes key members from international and local events such as Interstellar, Osirion Records, Punkadelik, Strawberry Fields Festival, Boom Festival, Re:birth Festival, Space Gathering, Hypnodisk, Earthdance Australia & Hasan Bahasyuan Institute of Art.

This rare astronomical event gave inspiration to the concept ‘Ancient Future x Cyber Tribal’; gathering tribes of interconnected species from all over the planet through our Technological Cyber Reality (Internet) all the way to the mystical land of Sulawesi, where we can all witness and celebrate a magical total eclipse of the Sun.

The festival is planned to run for five days between March 7 – 11, 2016, with the total solar eclipse itself happening early on the morning of the 9th. 

It will consist of 3 stages, market stalls, workshops, kid’s space, healing zone, art installations, gallery and much more. There will be on site facilities like secured camping area, showers, toilets, chill spots, safe deposit area, first aid & medical personnel and internal security.

The event will showcase a special lineup of some of the best International and local musicians, DJs, artists, performers, speakers and veteran eclipse experts to deliver a transformational, inspiring and powerful cosmic celebration through music, art and cross cultures.

Eclipse Festival 2016 is also an eco-friendly event with responsible environmental strategies and a strict No Glass & Plastic service policy and where possible will be recycling or composting all service containers.

Apart from giving jobs and businesses to the local community, Eclipse Festival has assisted in the launching of “The English Village” in March 2015, a free English language programme for the local villagers in the Ngata Baru area and is also actively contributing to the White Dolphin Foundation of Tanjung Karang for their coral transplantation programme for the region’s ocean and marine life.

This is a fully licensed, rain or shine event with an all ages area and will be produced at a professional level of presentation and delivered at the highest health and safety standards.



The Kepler zone consists of the workshop space, art gallery, healing zone and kids area.

The workshop space will cover various educational discussions and activities by guest speakers and facilitators who are highly skilled in their expertise, focusing on the main topic – this extraordinary total solar eclipse. Other subjects include art, music, culture, science, psychology, anthropology, health, astrology, environment and more.

Activities like yoga, movement, meditation, open mic, language exchange, film & documentary screenings will also be held there. The art gallery will be exhibiting multi-medium artwork by some of the best local and international artists of our time and the kids space has a line of fun activities for the little ones – circus, arts & crafts and performances.

The healing zone pays homage to Indonesian traditional healing and herbal medicine, (jamu); with a private and secured healing space hosting local healers and qualified therapists to provide various holistic therapies, traditional massages, reiki and more daily.



early bird 1st round: USD 129 (limited to 100)
early bird 2nd round: USD 179 (limited to 300)
early bird 3rd round: USD 229 (limited to 600)
general presale: USD 279
gate ticket (if available): USD 349

Time & Location

Time & Location

Time : 07-11 Maret 2016
Location : Ngata Baru in the region of Sigi in Central Sulawesi


Sigi, Central Sulawesi, Indonesia


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