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Colours Of Malaysia

COLOURS OF MALAYSIA was held in may seiap years in the Merdeka, Kuala Lumpur. This Festival started in 1999 to show Malaysia’s diverse cultures, this event also spread awareness of artistic, cultural and geological Malaysia to various parts of the world.


Every year in May the tourists and locals can enjoy a one-day festival that is commonly referred to as the Citrawarna or COLOURS, OF MALAYSIA. The event took place at the Merdeka square was started at about 5 p.m. and lasts until midnight. With more than 7000 people consisting of public school students and colleges are private, local cultural organizations and non-governmental organizations showing all the culture of Malaysia. The Festival has attracted approximately 100,000 spectators.


For the event at night is indicative of traditional choreographer visualize excursions and tour products in Malaysia, as well as marching band performances. The theme of the COLOURS OF MALAYSIA is a natural, Homestay, sports tourism, Shopping, art contemporary tourism, heritage, Parks and Gardens, food &.

And that’s offered COLOURS OF MALAYSIA; a great spectacle of beautifully decorated rooms, dancers, clowns on stage, 4WD range rovers, shopaholics with full shopping cart and even some twenty Trishaws are lit up like a Christmas tree.


Public parades are free, but tickets are required for some events.

Time & Location

Colours of Malaysia
Date: May 2016 – June 2016 (Mid-May to mid-June)
Known locally as ‘Citrawarna’, the Colours of Malaysia Festival is a lavish celebration of the country’s diverse ethnic and cultural heritage, with parades, dance, elaborate costumes, special festival food and music.
Venue: Throughout the city.
Category: Spectacle

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